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The REAL Christmas Story: How a Prophet was turned into a...

On December 25th, most Christians around the world will be celebrating Christmas, a day that commemorates the birth of who they believe is their...

Eat and drink, but be not excessive

Allah says: “O children of Adam, take your adornment to every mosque. Eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He does not like...

Finding a Home in Islam

Shaheed "Damian" Williams grew up Christian and pursued fame as a rapper before becoming a Muslim. The days of Damian Williams running with his...

Warnings to the Da’ee

Words Of Advice Regarding Da’wah Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullah Ibn Baaz 1. Beware of Being Extreme It is correct to name this awakening, which pleases and...

The Hadith of The Cow That Spoke

The Prophet Muhammad (sallAllāhu ʿalayhi wasallam) never fell short in surprising his companions from time to time with stories, real life ones, which he...

The Story of Yusha ibn Nun (Joshua)

The sun has never stopped for any man besides Yusha when he wanted to conquer Bayt al-Muqaddis." When Musa passed away, the leadership of Bani...

The Prohibition of Alcohol: Part 2

23. It is narrated that the Prophet said, "He who knows one verse from the Qur'an and drinks, in the Last Day each letter...

The Prohibition of Alcohol: Part 1

In the Holy Qur'an the word Khamr has been used for alcoholic drinks. During the days of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon...

The World of Jinn

The Quran and Sunnah (Prophet's sayings and actions) indicate that the jinn exist, and that there is a purpose for their existence in this...

The Soul’s Journey after Death

The Soul's Journey after Death, Allah the Most Exalted, Says in the Quran (what means): "Then why, when it reaches the throat. And you...
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