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The Effect My Father has had on My Life

A short piece highlighting a father's tarbiya of his daughter

Etiquette with One’s Parents

A Muslim believes in his parents' rights upon him and his obligation to be good to them, obey them and to treat them in the best way. This is not just because they are the cause for his existence. It is also not just because they did a great deal of good to him that he must repay and respond to in a proper manner. But it is first and foremost because Allah the Almighty has made it obligatory upon him to obey them.

The Prayer of the Parents is answered directly

From the Manners of Islaam - Is that the Prayers of one's Parents for their offspring are answered...

From Honouring the Parents is behaving kindly to them and if...

From the Manners of Islaam - Is to pray for ones parents and knowing their great virtue...

Reviling and Cursing the Parents is from the Major Sins

From the Manners of Islaam - Is to know that speaking ill of one's parents is of the Greatest of Major Sins...

The Son is from the Property of his Father

From the Manners of Islaam - Is that the Son shows the utmost respect for his father...

Honouring the Parents after their Death

From the Manners of Islaam - Is to Pray for ones Parents forgiveness and entrance into Paradise...

Good on the Parents is giving training to your Children so...

From the Manners of Islaam - Is that the Parents raise their children in a way that is most pleasing to Allah...

Honouring the Parents is a Characteristics Excelled in the Prophets

From the Manners of Islaam - From the example of the Prophets

Honouring the Parents – Conclusion

From the Manners of Islaam - A Conclusion to this highly important book...
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