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The Prophet’s ﷺ Heart

While describing the Prophet ﷺ, ʿAlī (RA) said, “He had the most giving of hearts.” Ibn al-Qayyim, Jalaʾ al-Afhām, pg. 199, commented, “because of...

Kindness and Generosity

Generosity is a characteristic of the Muslim, and kindness is his disposition. The Muslim should not be miserly and stingy, for these are two reprehensible traits whose presence spoils the soul and darkens the heart. The Muslim's faith and righteous deeds purify and radiate his heart, so being stingy and miserly negates the purity of the soul, and the light of the heart. So a Muslim is not miserly or stingy.

Hadeeth 15 : Islaamic Manners

The great importance of controlling ones tongue, being generous and being hospitable
..... ( ãÜä ßÜÇä íÜaãä ÈÇááå æÇáÜíÜæã ÇáÃÎÜÑ ÝÜáÜíÜÞÜá ÎÜíÜÑðÇ Ãæ áÜíÜÕÜãÜÊ
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