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The Sunnah’s Inner Beauty

Question:The Qur’an says: To Allah belong the most beautiful names. In a sahih hadith we read: ‘Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.’1...

The People of Bliss

Consequently, let a prudent person who cares about his well-being see to which class he belongs. Let him not be influenced by habits or ruled by laziness.

Your Heart is the Pillar of Your Worship

The difference between a short prayer and a long prayer is simply five minutes, so why does he become bored from these five minutes of Qur’an, yet he does not become bored from two hours of soccer?

Can I insult someone in Secret?

Is it permissible to (Insult) someone, but in my own heart and secretly, Am I sinning if I do that?

The Harm of Sins

The harm that sins cause to the heart is comparable to the differing levels of harm that various types of poison cause to the body.

The Heart’s and Body’s Relief Lies in Obeying Allah

The person whose love, desire, will and obedience ends at other than Him will find it rendered null and void...

Consult Your Heart

Be mindful of the One watching you. Imagine how you would be before someone of status in this world, and apprehend the truth that...

A Golden Principle About How to Benefit from the Qur’an

If you truly want to benefit from the Qur’an, your heart must be attentive and alert when reciting it or listening to it. Understand that this Qur’an is an address directed to you from Allah, Most High, upon the tongue of His Messenger ﷺ.

Rectify Your Life

Feeling exhausted from all the twists and turns in your life? We all need a boost sometimes. Here is an exceptional extract from Ibn Qayyim's book, al-Fawa’id to give you that kick you were looking for.

33 Ways of developing Khushoo’ in Salaah

Salaah is the greatest of the practical pillars of Islam, and khushoo’ in prayer is required by sharee’ah. Learn in detail how one could build khushoo in his / her salah =.
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