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The Prophet’s ﷺ Heart

While describing the Prophet ﷺ, ʿAlī (RA) said, “He had the most giving of hearts.” Ibn al-Qayyim, Jalaʾ al-Afhām, pg. 199, commented, “because of...

Requirements of the Journey

One of the best ways of mutual support (in righteousness and piety) is to help one another on the journey of migration to Allâh and to ar-Rasûl (peace be on him) with hands, tongues and hearts, and by teaching, educating and caring.

The Son is from the Property of his Father

From the Manners of Islaam - Is that the Son shows the utmost respect for his father...

Good on the Parents is giving training to your Children so...

From the Manners of Islaam - Is that the Parents raise their children in a way that is most pleasing to Allah...

Hadeeth 27 : Righteousness is in Good Character

Righteousness is in good character/morality..
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