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Who is in Control?

A personal reflection on the Divine Decree exhibiting in everyday life.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)

Biography of Ali radi Allahu 'anhu - the fourth Caliph of Islam

Dawood & Sulaiman (AS)

Dawood (alayhis salam) and his son, Sulaiman (alayhis salam) were not only prophets, but also kings of the people of Israel. They were both known for their strength, wisdom, judgement, and devotion to Allah.

An Amazing Story: Trust in Allah

A real life story related by one of the salaf depicting the true fruits of Tawakul

The Story of the Prophet Ibrahim & His Wife Hajar

Prophet Ibrahim's sincerity with Allah was evident in his leaving his wife and son in an uninhabited area, just as Allah commanded him. Also, his wife's sincerity with Allah was evident by her attesting with certainty that Allah will not abandon her and her son, since it was Allah Who commanded Ibrahim to leave them in Makkah.

The light of guidance

This seed of goodness is always fighting in man's heart, even when it is covered by layers of whims and desires. When Allâh wills good for His slave, He causes the light of guidance to shine in his heart and guides him to the path of those who are guided.

The Callers to Allâh: Nuh and Ibrahim, `alayhim as salam

Lessons to be learnt from the stories of two of the greatest Messengers.

The Story of Ibrahîm – ﷺ

A beautiful descriptive story about the noble family of Ibrahîm (alaihi as-salâm) since every act of Hajj refers back to the righteous actions and struggle of either Ibrahîm (alaihias-salâm), his wife Hajrah or his son Ismaîl (alaihi as-salâm).

The history of this family teaches spiritual lessons of complete devotion to Allâh and sincerity to Him.

Sulaiman (as) and the Ant

One of the blessings extended to Sulaiman (as) was his ability to converse with the natural living environment. This article, looks at the incident of the ant, as is explained in the Qur'an in Surat al-Naml 27:17-19.

The advice of Ibraaheem ibn Adham

"If you accept five conditions," said Ibrahim, "and are able to put them into practice, your disobedience will not cause you any problem."
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