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Protection from Envy

Ibn al-Qayyim mentions ten ways in which a person can save himself from the harm of envy.

Tafsir of Surah al Inshirah – Solace (Surah 94)

An exegesis of the ninety-fourth chapter of the Noble Qur'an by Imam as-Sadi. His exegesis is widely regarded as being amongst the best and most moving for the layman to read.

Etiquette of making du’aa’ (supplication)

Allah loves to be asked, and He encourages that in all things. He is angry with the one who does not ask of Him and He encourages His slaves to ask of Him.

Authentic Du’a Qunut of the Prophet ‎ﷺ

All praise is due to Allâh, the One who hears the secret and whispered speech, and provides relief from calamity and misfortune. Peace and blessings be upon the Chosen Prophet, his family and all of his Companions.
The tremendous suffering that our Muslim brothers in Iraq are facing makes it an obligation on all the Muslims to support them in any way they can. Amongst the most important obligations in this regard that the Muslims must do to support their brothers is to make Du'a; this being one of the most potent means of repressing calamity...

The Virtue of Night Prayer

Fellow Muslims! The situation of Muslims today necessitates the talk about the most important act of worship in Islâm which is Salâh (prayer). The Messenger of Allâh resorted to it whenever he became distressed about an issue. Prayer is the water spring that never dries and the treasure that never ends.


Allâh tests his slaves with trials that drive them to supplicate to him and this is in itself a blessing. Total reliance on Allâh is the actual wealth, the essence of worship and the utmost goal. Supplication is the sign of worship and Allâh loves that his slaves should supplicate to him. Dear brother, be patient with whatever happens to you for with every difficulty is relief, and do not stop supplicating. Always praise your Lord and thank Him for all His mercies.

The Saying of Aameen After Reciting al-Faatihah

A Comprehensive article on the articulation of the phrase 'aameen' after reciting this chapter

Hadeeth 10: Restricting oneself to the Pleasant Halaal

Advice for us to eat that which is Halaal and to make our earnings Halaal
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