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Curing The Weakness of Faith

very helpful strategies in curing weak iman

“So do not become weak nor be sad….”

Imam Sadi's explanation of these verses revealevd in relation to the events of Uhud. This should act as a guide to the believer towards events that seem to negatively affect the Muslim Ummah.

Why is the Supplication of the Oppressed and the Distressed is...

If we reflect upon the matter we will find that the one supplicating is sincere (and truthful) in his worship and he unites his heart in his supplication. There is nothing which preoccupies him from being earnest in his supplication and this is because he knows that his supplication being answered will definitely be accomplished.

Introduction to the Collection of Forty Hadeeth

Imaam an-Nawawi's own introduction to the collection is itself an important source of benefit

On the Da’eef (weak) Ahaadeeth and Passing Rulings Based on Them

A compilation by Abu Rumaysah on the validity of making rulings from da'eef/weak ahaadeeth
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