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Role Models for Muslim Women

When we examine the lives of the most righteous and highly-ranked women in Islam, it becomes clear which characteristics earned them such a noble...

The Bounties of The Dates

The following article was published in the news, I found it to be beneficial and though of sharing with others: With the arrival of the...

Tabarruk: Seeking Blessings (Barakah) from the Traces of the Prophet

Allah, the Exalted, put a blessing in the self, doings, sayings, and traces of the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The Companions, may Allah...

Dealing With Thoughts of Suicide

I have been answering questions at IslamicAnswers.com (formerly AskBilqis.com) for over ten years now. I tend to see the same types of questions asked...

The Sunnah’s Inner Beauty

Question:The Qur’an says: To Allah belong the most beautiful names. In a sahih hadith we read: ‘Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.’1...


The Prophet ﷺ said, “Moderation, moderation! Through this will you attain your goal!” This statement encourages us to be moderate in worship in a way...

Fearing Allah in Open and Secret

Possessing fear of Allāh is one of the most sublime qualities of those having īmān; Allāh says: “The believers are only those who, when Allāh is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely.” Fearing Allāh in open and secret is one of the greatest signs demonstrating need and total deprivation before Him; whoever realises His greatness and omnipotence; His unconquerable authority; His eye that does not sleep; and reveres Him a manner befitting will truly fear Him.

Your Heart is the Pillar of Your Worship

The difference between a short prayer and a long prayer is simply five minutes, so why does he become bored from these five minutes of Qur’an, yet he does not become bored from two hours of soccer?

The Nature of Intention

Actions are only by intention, and every man shall only have what he intended.


The meaning of Tawhid is not restricted to Tawhid al-Rububiyyah: the belief that Allah alone is the creator of the worlds as thought by the people of theological rhetoric
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