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The Story of Yusuf (Peace be upon him) [3/3]

The final part of the best of all stories ends in Egypt As Prophet Yusuf ﷺ had predicted, seven years of famine followed seven years...

The Story of Yusuf (Peace be upon him) [2/3]

The many struggles of Yusuf (Peace be upon him) The Egyptian who bought Yusuf ﷺ from the caravan gave him a position of responsibility in...

Patience is Like its Name

Patience is a noble mannerism of the soul that prevents it from doing that which is not good or pleasing; it is a quality of the soul which leads to its correction and rectification.

Allah loves the Patient…

Allah, Glorious and Most High, has made patience a race horse that never falters or stumbles, a sword that never loses its sharpness, a vanquishing army that is never defeated, and a fortified stronghold that never breaks and is never taken by force. Patience and divine help are two blood brothers,

Good Patience and Bad Patience

Bad patience means having patience in keeping away from Allâh and His love and His will, because this prevents a person from fulfilling his potential of attaining perfection and doing what he was created for.
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