Words of Advice regarding Da’wah


Taken from ‘Words of Advice Regarding Da’wah’ from Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez ibn ‘Abdullaah ibn Baaz, compiled by Ziyaad ibn Muhammad as-Sa’doon

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…The youth in any nation are the backbone which form the element of movement and vitality in society. They have the energy to bring about effective results…Usually a nation is never revived except due to the awareness and continuous enthusiasm of the youth. However, over-enthusiasm of the youth must be guided through the wisdom of the old. The youth must contemplate and look into the experiences of the old, they shouldn’t leave one for the other, but rather must preserve both of these qualities…

…The leaders and the scholars should exert efforts to enlighten and direct the population of Muslims and combat the efforts of the enemies of Islaam, by retaliating with their own efforts…The Muslim Ummah is an Ummah that has been entrusted with this religion and has the responsibility of conveying it. If we are careful to arm our boys and girls in Islamic societies, with knowledge, understanding and comprehension of Islamic Jurisprudence and accustom them to apply these things from a small age, then we will not fear, by the permission of Allah, the Most High, as long as they continue holding onto the deen of Allah, glorifying it, following its laws, and fighting that which contradicts it. And indeed their enemies will fear them…There are many verses in the Qur’aan which convey this message. The most important factor for us in fighting against the efforts of our enemies is raising and preparing a generation that knows the reality of Islaam. This can be achieved through guidance, taking care of the house and family, the method of educating them, the media and improvement of the society…In addition to this is the role of steering and guiding which needs to be taken by the Muslim leadership, persevering in beneficial work and continually reminding the people that which will benefit them and make the belief within them grow and flourish…

We have read and heard in the news much about our Muslim brothers in communities where the majority of the population is non-Muslim. They are under authorities which impose restrictions on them, in practising their religion and establishing their rites of worship, in order to distance them from their religion through compulsion and in other ways. We ask Allah to firmly establish these Muslim minorities, and indeed all the Muslims upon Islaam and keep them safe from the plots of the enemies.

There is no doubt that they are in a seriously vulnerable situation. Because of this situation, these Islamic minorities need all the help, co-operation and assistance, from the political sphere and this is specially from the Islamic governments from the Arab world as well as others that have special concern for Islaam. They have relations with these nations through sending delegates, despatching messages and urging their embassies to act, or any other similar methods that will help their brothers in these regions. This will raise the morale of the minorities and make the (oppressing) nations realise that these minorities have brothers from the same faith, who are concerned about their situation and who follow their news. If Allah, the Most High wills, the injustice and oppression will then be lifted from the Muslims when these oppressing nations and others begin to realise that behind the minority of Muslims is a nation which feels their pain and is interested in their affairs. As a result they will give into their requests and will raise their hand from oppressing them, especially when the majority of these nations need Islamic countries for their economic and other affairs.

There is no doubt that the minority of Muslims everywhere are in urgent need of moral support and material help and resources to build mosques and schools that will help them in their Islamic work…So therefore it is obligatory upon every Muslim to help in accordance to his ability…

Finally I advise my Muslim brothers and sisters in Islaam, to have taqwa (fear) of Allah in all matters and to be firmly established on His deen. They should fear Him wherever they are and be heedful of Him. They should take account of themselves, and be careful not to leave what Allah has made obligatory upon them, nor to commit a sin.

I advise them to co-operate upon Birr and Taqwa and to be sincere to each other and advise each other with truth and patience wherever they are. I also advise them to gain a deep and good understanding of the deen and attend circles of knowledge and question the scholars…

I ask Allah to make those in charge of the Muslims and their leaders, upright and honest and to guide everyone to the straight path. I ask Him to make their leaders and their aides successful, and all their people to rule by the Islamic laws and rulings. And to be ruled by them, to be firmly established upon them, and to advise each other upon them, and to beware of and forbid that which contradicts them…

Praise be to Allah, the Most High, and peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and his Companions.

Taken from ‘Al-Ibaanah’ magazine (Vol 1, No.2, pp.7-8), being a translation of Ad-Da’wah IlAllah wa Akhlaaqud-Du’aat (pp.37-43) by Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin Baaz:

So it is obligatory upon the da’ee (caller) to have ikhlaas (sincerity and purity of intentions and actions) for Allah – the Mighty and Majestic – neither desiring to show-off, nor desiring reputation, nor desiring the praises and the accolades of the people. Rather, the da’ee should only call to Allah, seeking the Face of Allah…and this is the most important etiquette and the greatest quality…

…call the people to Allah upon ‘ilm (knowledge), and not ignorance…so beware of calling to Allah based upon ignorance, and beware of speaking without due knowledge. Indeed, ignorance destroys, it does not build; and it causes corruption, not reformation and correction…

From the akhlaaq that it is necessary to have – O da’ee – is to be mild and forbearing in your da’wah, and being gentle and patient in it, as were all the Messengers ‘alayhimus-salaatu was-salaam. Beware of being hasty, harsh and strict in your da’wah, rather be patient, mild and gentle…

Do not turn the people away from the Deen due to your harshness, ignorance, or other such behaviour. On the contrary, be mild, forbearing and patient; and be soft and pleasant in speech, so your words may have an effect upon the heart of your brother, or that it may have an effect upon the one you are addressing the call to. Then the people will better appreciate your call and invitation. So undue strictness causes people to become distant, not close; and it causes separation, not unity. Therefore, it is a must to be gentle, as the Messenger ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam said:

 “ “Indeed gentleness does not enter into anything except it beautifies it, nor is it removed from anything except that it disfigures it.” [Muslim 12/212].

And he ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam also said:

 “ “Whosoever is prevented from gentleness, is actually prevented from all good and excellence.” [Muslim 16/145].

From the necessary – or rather obligatory – etiquettes and qualities that a da’ee must possess is acting in accordance to what he is calling to, and being a righteous example of what is being called to. He should not call to do something and then not do it himself, nor call to leave something, whilst engaging in it himself. This is the condition of the losers – we seek Allah’s refuge in this!

…the daa’ee should have an excellent character and praiseworthy conduct, being patient and inviting to patience. The daa’ee should be sincere in his da’wah and strive in spreading goodness to the people and keeping them away from falsehood. At the same time the daa’ee should supplicate for the guidance of others, saying: “O Allah! Guide him, and grant him the ability to accept the truth.” So from the excellent manners of the da’ee is supplicating, guiding and being patient with the harms that come with this da’wah.

When the Prophet ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam was informed that the tribe of Daws had become disobedient he said:“O Allah! Guide Daws and bring them.” [Bukhari 6/105]. So the daa’ee should…not despair, nor feel hopeless, nor say anything except good. He should not be harsh and strict, nor should he say a word which may cause aversion to the truth. However, if anyone commits aggression and oppression, then a different treatment is to be afforded to such people…if possible such a person should be imprisoned, or something similar to that – depending upon the nature of his opposition to the da’wah. However, as long as he causes no harm, then it is upon you to be patient and self-evaluating and to debate with him in ways that are best. If any personal harm was caused by such a person, then such harm should be borne with patience – as did the Messengers and those who followed them in goodness and righteousness, patiently bear such harms.

I ask Allah to grant us all the well-being and the ability to convey this da’wah in a wise manner, that He corrects our hearts and our actions, and that He grants to us the understanding of the Deen and firmness upon it – making us of those who are guided and guiding others, righteous and teaching others righteousness. Indeed He is the Most Majestic, the Supreme, the Most Generous.

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