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The Advice of the Salaf Regarding the Early Upbringing of the...

Reference: Mukhtasar Minhaaj Al-Qaasideen The child is taught to not boast in front of his friends and peers about something that his parents own, or...

Halloween: 10 Tips for Muslim Parents

The Prophet ﷺ said: Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for those under your care. A man is a...

Talaq out of Anger

To claim that a divorce said out of anger is invalid is both baseless and irrational...

Umm Amaarah (RadiyaAllahu ‘Anha)

Umm Amaarah Nusaybah

How to be a Successful Husband

key points that will make a husband a better one

The Status of the Family in Islam

Islam paid a great deal attention to implanting the principle of respect for fathers and mothers, taking care of them and obeying their commands until death.

Taking Care of Things at Home

The first duty of our young people is to establish themselves at home by fulfilling their responsibilities to their families.

The True Richness

Many people mistakenly assume that true wealth and real treasure is that of money. It is indeed true that wealth is a great blessing from Allah which He bestows upon His servants. And the one who earns it purely, and spends it properly, and gives it to those that deserve it, without a doubt earns a great reward from Allah.

Joining the Ties of Kinship

Brethren in faith! Joining the tie of kinship is one of the greatest responsibilities of man. The kith and kin are the ones with whom one has blood or marriage relationship. Allâh emphasises the importance of the kith and kin in many places in His Book. [Khutbah Medinah 19 Safar 1425 (9 April 2004)]

A Child’s Poem

From the fitra of a child, the pure beliefs with respect to Allah's Oneness, in His Lordship, in His Worship and His Names and Attributes
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