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Al-Jannah wal an-Nâr-The Paradise and the Hellfire [7/12]

This article is the seventh part of an on going series, highlighting the various important issues of the everlasting after life. This part describes the bliss of the everlasting paradise. Listen to the words of Allâh (subhnanu wa ta'ala) in this hadîth qudsi: "I have prepared for My righteous slaves that which no eye has seen, no ear has heard and has never crossed the mind of any human being".

This person has the lowest rank in Jannah…

The Lowest Rank of Those in Paradise

Some of the Bounties Allah has Prepared for the Believers in...

Description of some of the rewards in Paradise from ayaat and ahadith

Umm Amaarah (RadiyaAllahu ‘Anha)

Umm Amaarah Nusaybah

What’s the Language of the People of Paradise? (It’s not what...

Ibn Taymiyyah's fatwa about the language of the hereafter

Forsake Shaytan

Servants of Allah! Think carefully about the removal of your father, Adam, from Paradise.

Forgiveness – An Important Virtue

Forgiveness is not easy to do and that is why the rewards are so high. Someone may say: ‘I will forgive everyone except for such and such a person because you don’t know what s/he’s done to me’. Remember what we have done against Allah and yet he forgives us for nothing in return.

The Reckoning For Mankind: The Inevitable Judgement According to The Undeniable...

A transcript of a talk given on the topic of day of judgement, and the undeniable proofs of its eventual occurence

Tips to Memorise the Qur’an

Qur’an recitation as related by Allah and the Prophet (saws) is very important in Islam. We should illustrate this importance within our home educational routine. The following are some steps that will help facilitate the memorising process.

Allah’s covenant with Adam

According to Islaam and all divinely revealed religions, when a person dies on earth he will not be reborn until the Day of Resurrection. After the destruction of the world, all of mankind will rise up from the dead to be judged by Allah, the only God worthy of worship and the Greatest of Judges.
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