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Black Holes, Stephen Hawking, Heaven & Hell

In 1985, I started my degree in Astrophysics up in the north of England, at one of the only two places in the country...

Introduction to Islaam

A brief introduction to Islaam, summarising the basic tenets of the Muslim belief, as well as some contributions Muslims have made to modern life. This article also touches upon the Muslim attitude towards other religions.


Allâh gave us all a mind. He gave us all the ability to reason, to think, to reflect. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me that someone can look to this great earth from the largest items, a mountain, to the smallest, a breath, and deny the existence of Allâh , to deny the hand of Allâh in creating such an extraordinary world. I know that even when all the evidences are laid before man, if Allâh does not confer him with guidance as well, he will remain blind, deaf and dumb. Reflect on this...

How the Islamic faith encourages worldly advancement

The Muslims are not like anyone else. When they adhere to their religion, they are at the forefront in worldly affairs too, but when they forsake their religion and neglect it, they end up tailing behind others. The Muslims’ religion motivates them to advance, and they fall behind when they fall away from their religion.

Setting the Record Straight: The Miracle of Islamic Science

Western civilization has made invaluable contributions to the development of the sciences. However, so have numerous other cultures. Unfortunately, Westerners have long been credited with discoveries made many centuries before by Islamic scholars. Thus, many of the basic sciences were invented by non-Europeans. For instance, George Sarton states that modern Western medicine did not originate from Europe and that it actually arose from the (Islamic) orient.
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