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3 Keys to Fearing Allah and Leaving Sin

These are the three things, this real fear, this deep rooted fear in the heart of a person comes from three things: That he knows...

The Harm of Sins

It is necessary to know that performing sins is detrimental and harmful to the servant.

The Evil Consequences of Lying

The evil consequences of lying

Can I insult someone in Secret?

Is it permissible to (Insult) someone, but in my own heart and secretly, Am I sinning if I do that?

A Cry for Help – Turn to Repentance

I have involved myself in a great deal of sin...I do not pray most of my Prayers in the mosque...I have never completely fasted the month of Ramadaan!

Enthusiasm when one first repents, followed by slackening off

Should one make a vigorous start, or take a gradual approach until it is established and then add more after a while, or should he follow the saying, “When your wind blows, then make the most of it”?.

Examine Yourself

O one who claims to be a believer yet works the deeds of the deniers...What has led you to be considered one of the liars in the sight of Allah?

Advice after Ramadaan

If a Muslim continues to have the patience to do righteous deeds after Ramadaan, this is a sign that his (fasting) has been accepted by his Lord, the Most Generous, the Bestower of blessings. If he fails to do righteous deeds after Ramadaan, and follows the ways of the Shaytaan, this is a sign of humiliation, meanness, lowly status and being deprived of the help of Allah.

Why do some people become ugly?

Have you ever wondered why so many people who were bright and beautiful as children, however, as they grew older their innocence and beauty eluded them?

When will our heedlessness end?

The sign of man’s happiness and success lies in his repentance to his Lord and his uprightness on the law of Allah and His religion all his life and not being distracted by the strife to acquire the beauties of this world from working towards the eternal life. Such is the way of the righteous and pious people
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